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In February 2015, we were a family of four when we made the decision to move forward in faith to adopt, believing that we could do more in response to the need of so many children to have a forever family, and out of our desire to grow our family.  In November 2015 we became a family of five when our son James joined our family. We said yes to adoption again and brought home our daughter Emily in July 2017. While people often say, “They are so lucky to have you”, we believe we are the ones who have been blessed by the privilege of being Mommy and Daddy to these two great kiddos. Our adoption journey has forever changed us and we are so thankful that we said Yes to this wonderful adventure! 





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  1. Hi! We are working with Agape Adoptions to adopt a little girl and I have seen pics of Ping Ping! If you are in Facebook she has been listed on some of the advocacy sites!

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