Practical Ways to Help the Orphan Crisis

Family Preservation First

The worldwide orphan crisis is staggering – literally MILLIONS of children in need of permanent families. Sadly, poverty is one of the leading root causes that forces parents to abandon their children in hopes that an institution or adoptive family can give their child what they cannot and what they wish so badly they could. For example, in China, the poverty rate remains high, insurance is non-existent in a communist government and all medical fees must be paid upfront. So imagine a farmer in a rural province who not only cannot pay for the medical procedure, but doesn’t have the funds to even access a hospital that can do it. The parent is faced with every parent’s nightmare – keep their child knowing they will die from lack of medical care, or place them with an institution where they can hope they will receive the medical attention they need to have a chance at adoption. No parent should have to make this choice! There are organizations on the ground around the world working very hard to come alongside parents and families to provide funds for treatment and ongoing support to help the family stay together. Love Without Boundaries is doing an amazing job of this in China, Uganda and Cambodia. A financial gift to LWB is one of the best ways to make a positive impact and help families stay together.

Support Waiting Children

When family preservation is not possible, children are institutionalized or placed in foster families where they typically wait years for a permanent family.  One of the best ways to help these waiting children is to support the NGOs that provide lifesaving medical care and life changing development work to increase the quality of care in institutions and foster care homes.

  • One Sky for All Children – This organization has literally changed the model for Institutional childcare in China and they’re expanding to other parts of Asia and Africa. Our daughter is from one of their model Institutions, they paid for the surgery she had in China which allowed her to begin walking on her clubbed foot, and she stayed in one of their medical care homes for six months after surgery where she received nurturing care and love in a safe and engaging environment. We are honored to support them and would encourage you to join us!
  • Morning Star Foundation – “We exist to help abandoned and needy children with severe heart disease in China and Uganda.” The beautiful work done by this program is beyond amazing – just check out the Director’s Instagram – you’ll laugh, cry, and be moved deeply in your soul. Then, click here and support these precious children.
  • Show Hope – One of the most well known orphan care ministries operating in China, this organization awards tens of thousands in grants, sponsors critical training and support for adoptive families, and runs an amazing orphanage in China where children receive life saving medical treatment, and nurturing care based on healthy attachment and connect care principles. This is, without a doubt, one of the best organizations you can support if you want to make a difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. You can even sponsor a specific child or make a trip to China to serve the children and support the caregivers!

There are numerous ways to support adoptive families, both before and after their child comes home. Help them run fundraisers, make a donation, offer meals and help with their other kids when they come home, pray for them, or pay for them to attend a conference or retreat to encourage them in their journey of parenting such as Empowered to Connect, Refresh, or the BeTA retreat for Moms.

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