Adoption Timelines


November 2016 – Applied to Heartsent Adoptions, Received Pre-Approval from CCCWA for Emily, and began the homestudy process and “paperwork chase” again

December 2016 – lots of paperwork and our social worker visit for our homestudy

January 2017 – homestudy officially finalized, I-800A filed with USCIS, Dossier is state certified, authenticated at the Chinese consulate and sent on to our agency.

February 2017 – I800A fingerprinting appointment

March 2017 – i800a approval received! Anticipating our Dossier to China! (DTC) by March 15th and the wait for our Letter of Acceptance/Letter Seeking Confirmation (LOA/LSC) begins!

April 28th – LOA is issued in China!

May 1st – LOA is received at our agency in California who overnights it to us

May 3rd – I800 packet arrives at the USCIS Office in Texas

May – I800 approval, GUZ#/DS260 filed/Letter from the National Visa Center received; Final packet of paperwork dropped off at the US Consulate in Guangzhou for review

June – Article 5 issued and sent to the CCCWA on June 12th. TRAVEL APPROVAL on June 21st!

July 3 – FAMILY DAY! 

July 4th – Adoption finalized in China

July 13th – Arrived home in the USA and Emily is officially a citizen.


November 11th – We arrive back in the USA and James is officially a citizen.

November 3rd – Adoption Finalized in China!

November 2nd – Family Day! We met James and took custody.

October – Article 5 pick up schedule for 10/13. It’s sent by express mail to the CCCWA in Beijing. The wait for TA (Travel Approval) begins! It should come in 1-2 weeks. We’re praying no later than October 23rd. (It came the 19th!!) We finalize our Consulate appointment in Guangzhou (the appointment at which we are given James’ Visa to enter the U.S.) and we purchase flights!

September –  i800 approved, received GUZ number, filed DS-260, and received Adoption letter from the US National Visa Center. All of this comes together with other paperwork and becomes our “Article 5” which will be dropped off at the US Consulate in Guangzhou on September 21st. We got our Visas to enter China. We’ve booked our hotel in anticipation of expected travel!

August 20th – Received (Letter Seeking Confirmation) also known as LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from the CCCWA (China Center for Child Welfare & Adoption)!!

July 2015 – Received our LID – Log in Date. A formal receipt date when our dossier was registered in the system and the translation phase began. For us this was July 7th.

June 23, 2015 – DTC (Dossier to China), a major milestone! The dossier has been submitted electronically by our agency at this point and sent to China by mail.

June 4th – Received hard copy i-797 (this is approval of our i800a – which is the first round of immigration paperwork and fingerprints to go through US Customs & Immigration)

May 2015 – Dossier prep and first immigration papers processed

March/April 2015 – Completed home study and received pre-approval for our son You Zhi whose American name will be James Richard Zhi

February 2015 – Applied to our agency, WACAP (World Association for Children & Parents)


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