Thankful Thursday

1. James is doing really well this evening! Surgery was successful, no severe skin blisters like last time, blood draw was very painful but they got it done, nausea is gone, and he perked up so much tonight after a long afternoon nap and a visit from family including one of his favorite cousins. We should be discharged tomorrow to go to stay with family locally.
2. Emily’s weekly PT will overlap with James’ weekly OT at the same facility!! This is a big deal because it’s a 40 minute drive to therapy and it makes all the difference to consolidate trips when you’re managing two kids with a variety of appointments, and three kids in different schools with different daily schedules and 2 year old who still really needs her daily nap.
2. Emily’s next round of multiple tests and appointments will be consolidated into two days (MRI, urodynamics and club foot casting plus 2 clinic appts) and we can have James’ X-rays done there. Request to RM House is already in 🙂
3. Child Life threw a holiday party today that had me fighting tears because I was feeling cared for and supported after an intense morning of blood work, vomiting and a finger splint that James could only tolerate with Valium initially.
4. My baby girl and her Daddy are bonding on a whole new level which is worth the sacrifice of missing her so badly.
5. My kids were surprised by a wonderful gift basket from anonymous friends honoring St. Nicholas Day, a friend is dropping off a huge bag of Costco dumplings for James tomorrow (his welcome home comfort food) and on Monday a neighbor friend is bringing dinner so I don’t have to try to make that happen as soon as we get home from Maryland.

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