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Let’s Get Craaaazy!

Our letter of acceptance is expected in the next few weeks which means it’s time to launch our next fundraiser which is all about getting big sister Gabi to China to meet Emily! It’s time to get a little craaazzyy for some crazy fun socks!

Anyone who knows Gabi knows that she is a fun, outgoing, enthusiastic girl with a passion for creativity and a truly kind heart. So when we came across this fundraiser idea we thought it would be perfect for our favorite ten year old girl!

Check out this video to learn all about it and even catch some never before publicly shared video of Emily! 🙂

Sock Fundraiser Launchv2 from Kevin Hamilton on Vimeo.

So here’s the nuts and bolts of things – 

GOAL: 112 packages of socks/$1000 towards Gabi’s plane ticket which will likely be close to $2000 since summer is peak travel time

THE SOCKS: You get 3 pairs in a package for $15 and they are SO FUN! You’ll have a great story to share with anyone who sees them!

THE BONUS: This fundraiser is made possible by WeHelpTwo which serves individuals, families, schools and other organizations by allowing them to raise funds for their cause and the local charity of their choice. New York City Relief is an amazing organization that we have been proud to support and volunteer with for awhile now. They serve the homeless and hurting on the streets of NYC and Newark. For every package of socks purchased to help Gabi’s flight fundraiser, WeHelpTwo will donate a pair of socks to NYC Relief for distribution to those in need!

HOW TO ORDER: You can click HERE to order online from our WeHelpTwo page or you if you are local you can order through us directly and pay by cash, check or PayPal.

HOW TO HELP: Please consider sharing this with your co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, and kids groups especially. The socks would be a fun extra for birthdays – young and old alike!

DEADLINE: The fundraiser will run from April 21 – May 13th.

Thank you for your support!!

The Top 6 Things I am Looking Forward to in China

So as you guys know, this time around I am going to China with my mom and dad!! I am very excited to have a baby sister, and to see her in person, in her home country!! I thought since I had not done any blog posts recently, I would write a new one! So, without further ado, here is my “Top 6 Things I am Looking Forward to in China!!”

  1. The streets- I live in a not-so-busy town, where tall buildings like the ones in Beijing/China are not too common. I have read in books that people take buses, drive carts, bike, run, and scooter to get were they need to go in China.  People sometimes walk! In New Jersey, we usually drive cars for out transportation method, so the contrast between street formats will be interesting.
  2. The restrooms- Seeing a squatty potting up close and personal will NOT be my favorite part of the trip, but hey, it’s reality.
  3. The hotels- I am truly blessed to be staying in a Marriott Hotel in China, and I am curious to see if it’s much different than an American hotel.
  4. Touring the Great Wall- The Great Wall Of China is something I have wanted to see ever since my dad brought  home an antique Chinese tea set from one of his trip to Hong Kong. I still have it!!  My mom and dad hope to take a day for sight-seeing, and the Wall would be our picked landmark! When I read that it stretched almost all the way across China, I was blown away!
  5. The food- I have heaid that people sell food off of the streets in China, but we won’t be eating that! I am interested that the Chinese actually eat bugs! Most of the meals we eat will be at the hotel or some restaurants. My mom told me that they also serve Western food, so at least I won’t be eating fried rice for two weeks straight! She said there is a good pizza place that they found last time in Guangzhou and a noodle place there that they loved.I am curious to see what Western food  Emily likes!
  6. Seeing My Baby Sister! (of course)- No words can describe how happy I am to have a baby sister! The first thing I said when my Mom and Dad told us was, “YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I am truly overjoyed that there is another girl in family! We get to met her in her orphanage this time, so I will know what her living conditions were like, personally!

That is all I have for today! Thank you for supporting and helping us go through this adventure to Emily! Also, thank you for helping and supporting our previous Journey To James!!

Thanks for Reading :),



How to Put Together a Care Package, by Gabi

IMG_9620We are putting together a care package for my brother and I thought I would explain and give some tips on the topic.

  • Always make sure you send friendly gifts to your waiting child. Even super heroes can feel threatening. Instead, send Mickey Mouse or happy face stickers. Toy cars are good for boys.
  • Don`t send anything that could be misunderstood by your child`s care taker. A toy hammer can cause a lot of commotion!
  • It’s easy to forget that things like storybooks and activity page books that are written in English won’t be as much fun as you might think because your new brother or sister and their caregivers don’t read English!
  • One of the things that almost every child in a orphanage needs is a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • A photo album is essential for your first care package. Include pictures of your family, any pets you have, and your house.
  • A stuffed animal is an orphans dream. Include that in your package, and you’ve got one happy child! 🙂 We are sending James a super soft teddy bear.
  • Keep in mind any information the orphanage has given you about what the child likes to play with. We are also sending a light up squeeze ball because the orphanage told us he likes light up things.

We will put all of this in a box and send to a care package service in China who will make sure it gets to him. I hope he likes it!

His name! A post from Gabi

IMG_8685I am so excited to have another child in the family!! 🙂  When my mother got the family into a discussion about orphans, I thought we were just having a talk. When we got deeper into the talk, I`m like “I know were this is going.”  Turns out I was right. My mom video-taped my reaction. So embarrassing!!!

I am ready for any changes that this action will make except that I have to CHANGE  ROOMS! My mom interviewed me about this change and here’s what I said.

Q: Gabi, what do you like about your current room?

A: I like how it has enough space for me to move things around. We’ve re-arranged it a few times and I like trying different styles.

Q: What colors are in your room right now?

A lot of purples and greens.

Q: What is your favorite piece of furniture in your room?

A: I would have to say that I don’t have a favorite but I really like my bed because it’s a single bed and it’s not too big and not too small.

Q:  Are you changing rooms right away?

A:  No, probably in the summer time this year.

Q: What are you doing to plan for your new room?

A: Since my brother has a bunk bed in his room we’re trying to figure out if I will keep that or not. We’re thinking that we might have a desk in the lower area and my bed on the top area. We’re going to change the paint color from blue to purple. I’m going to bring my curtains to the new room and my rug and my toys and I will definitely have to figure out what I’m going to do with my closet because in my current room I have a huge closet and in my new room there’s a very small closet. So we’ll just have to see – “are we going to expand that or find some other way?”

Q: So even though you may miss your old room, would you say that it’s worth it?

A: It’s definitely worth it because the two boys need a bigger room.

Q: Gabi, what do you think about your new brother’s name?

A: James Richard Hamilton seems like a good name to me.

That`s all for now!

FAQ Number One

Isn’t it hard to get a boy from China?

This is a question we are asked frequently and it’s one we had ourselves at one point. As we started learning more about international adoption needs we discovered that in general adoptive parents prefer girls over boys, adoptive parents prefer children two and under, and adoptive parents prefer fully healthy children – physically and cognitively. So, the fact that we were seeking a boy, 3 or 4 years old, and we were open to special needs meant that it was a matter of us prayerfully considering which country and then which child because the need is actually huge! We knew that we wanted to adopt from Asia, but we didn’t consider China at first because it seemed like that is where “everyone goes.” But as we discussed our family and our timeline and our preferences with a couple of agencies it was clear that the other Asian countries – India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. were not a fit for us, but China was. Things in China have changed quite a bit just in the last few years as it relates to international adoption. While the once child policy has been eased in some areas, there is a growing need for adoptive families for older kids and kids with special needs. The average wait for a healthy, baby girl is over 6 years now – our agency won’t even take applications for this right now. There are some amazing boys waiting for families in China – take a look at this great video that captured our hearts.