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Everyone can do something

Last night I posted the image below on Facebook and mentioned that each of these kiddos is heavy on my heart for different reasons. And I challenged my friends to consider whether they might be the ones to make room in their hearts for one of these precious children. I hope and pray that someone in my circle would indeed say yes. That there would be #oneless waiting child in the world. That Luke, Melody, Grace, and Carrie would have a Mommy and Daddy racing to bring them home to their forever family very soon. Read more about them below the pic…

Lukehis story is familiar to many of you by now. This child that was a friend to our little boy continues to wait. But as he waits, he’s aging, and he’s now ten. He’s reaching an age of critical development as a child with a unique medical need that makes it especially important for him to be safe in a family. Will you pray earnestly with us for his protection and well being as he waits? And for God to open hearts to be moved to step forward in faith to loving this child and giving him a place to belong. There are grants available and he’s with a fantastic agency whose fees are among the lowest and they are extremely ethical and hardworking!

Grace…a little one with almost the same birthday as Emily and many of the same medical needs. She tugs at my heart. I’d love to walk alongside anyone interested in learning more about this joyful little one. You can see a video of her HERE! She’s with Holt, one of the most well known agencies working in China and they happen to be local in New Jersey and PA!

Melody…truly a song of joy when you see her pictures and videos. She’s with our first placing agency, WACAP, who is offering grants and is amazing to work with. Melody has a few different medical needs, but all of which I can offer great resources and support for from other BTDT families, and solid doctors including James’ surgeon! She lights up the room with her beautiful eyes and bright smile – imagine the joy she would bring to a family.

And Carrie…this sweet girl is in a great foster home associated with Emily’s orphanage. She is progressing and doing so well there. She’s been so ready for a family and was supposed to be coming home this summer, but her family was denied their acceptance letter. It had nothing to do with Carrie, the agency, the orphanage or the China program at large. It was a unique situation to this family but heartbreaking in so many ways. And now this child, who was told she had a family, whose file has been on hold for a year, is waiting again. In that time a lot has been learned about her medical needs and I can help connect anyone interested with that information. She’s with our current agency Heartsent.

We know that not everyone will adopt. But we also believe that everyONE can do something. Would you share this post? Would you advocate for the needs of children in your networks? Would you consider donatingto a private fund to help bring Luke home? Together, we can help provide a #afamilyforeverychild.